In Landrigan, Raps, and Cropper et al. [] our estimate of annual DEHP-associated mortality in the United States in Chapter 5 of the Minderoo-Monaco Commission on Plastic and Human Health—90,762 deaths per year among 55–64-year-olds—is based on data reported in Table 4, “Phthalate-attributable mortality and associated lost economic productivity in the US, 2014” of the article by Trasande, Liu and Bao [].

On re-examination of the Trasande et al. article, and examination of the source data for the population of 55–64 year olds from the US Census Bureau, it appears that their estimate, interpreted to be an annual estimate, is based on population data for both 2013 and 2014 combined; hence their estimate of 90,762 annual deaths attributable to DEHP and our corresponding cost estimate of $490 billion is the sum of two years of deaths and corresponding damages.

An updated version of Figure 5.1 below displays adjusted estimates of the dollar sums and deaths from 2013 alone, based on the re-examination of Trasande et al.